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Your Rural Electric Cooperative has always extended a helping hand to those needing it.  Now, in response to actions by the Iowa General Assembly, your REC has established RECare, a program of members helping members.  RECare will provide funds to be distributed by local community action agencies to help pay winter heating bills and to assist in weatherization of homes of low income consumers of this Cooperative.  You may make a one time contribution or you may make a monthly pledge that will be automatically added onto your monthly electric bill.  Even one dollar a month pledge will help others.


If you are interested in contributing to Woodbury County REC's RECare Program, please fill out and complete the form, below. Once submitted, please allow up to 30 business days for processing.

Yes, I would like to participate and contribute to RECare

If you chose the option for a one-time RECare contribution or matching fund check to our office:

Woodbury County REC

P.O. Box 566

Moville, IA 51039

Thank you for your contribution to RECare!

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