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Employees & Leadership

Kent Amundson – General Manager/CEO
Nate Bauer – Director of Operations
Tom Brockhaus – Journeyman Lineman
Dustin Brosamle – Crew Foreman
Brady Chrichton – Apprentice Lineman
Hailey Greene – Office Manager, Benefit Administrator
Sean Gerber – Billing Clerk
Jason Jasperson – Director of Member Services/Communicator
Bobby Kempers – Meter Technician/Warehouseman
Josh Koehler – Apprentice Lineman
Jason Kreber – Journeyman Lineman
Lisa Petersen – Wiring Technician
Andy McGill – Crew Foreman
Nate Monahan – Apprentice Lineman
Athena Nino – Customer Service/Accounting Office Assistant 

We can help!

Woodbury County REC is a team of qualified and passionate professionals dedicated to serving our members. Contact our office, 24/7 for prompt service or contact us via our easy online form:

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