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Woodbury County Rural Electric Cooperative offers a variety of programs to our member-owners for promoting Energy Efficiency and smart load management.


Woodbury County REC offers a variety of rebates for qualifying energy efficiency equipment for residential and commercial/agricultural use.


Switch Makes Cents

Woodbury County Offers Switch Makes Cents, a load management program that helps with energy usage and can save you money...

Electrician Services

Woodbury CountyREC has an electrician on staff who is available to help our members. 

Energy Assessments

Woodbury County Rural Electric Cooperative provides energy audits for our customers at no charge. Find out how energy efficient you...

Energy Efficiency Tips

Learn about energy usage, get helpful energy efficiency tips, and play the Home Energy Adventure Game.

Prairie Winds Energy Program

Woodbury County REC's Prairie Winds Program allows members to voluntarily contribute to the development of alternate energy production facilities such...