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Woodbury County Rural Electric Cooperative (REC) strives to deliver safe, reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible power to our member-consumers.

 The image features a map of the Woodbury County service area. it is the entire county and showcases the locations of the cities within the county.
This map represents the service territory of Woodbury County Rural Electric Cooperative.

Woodbury County Rural Electric Cooperative is a consumer-owned electric cooperative with headquarters in Moville, Iowa, and serves power to 3500 farms, homes, and businesses with approximately 1200 miles of line in Northwest Iowa.

Electricity that is supplied to the members of Woodbury County Rural Electric Cooperative is produced by two main fuel sources:

One source is falling water from the dams (Hydropower) on the Missouri River. These dams are operated by a branch of the government called Western Area Power Administration (WAPA). Hydropower is some of the cheapest power available to the members of Woodbury County REC.

The second source is coal from the mines in North Dakota and Wyoming. The coil is burned in power plants operated by Basin Electric Power Cooperative in Bismarck North Dakota. Basin Electric has some of the most efficient power plants in the industry which provides 60% of power supplied to Woodbury County REC members.

Although most of the county is now served, Woodbury County REC is in an area of steady growth.  This growth is from new business and housing development moving into the metro Sioux City, Iowa, area.  Because of these growth areas, Woodbury County REC must continually upgrade and expand its electric system to meet these needs.  

Rural Electric Cooperatives strive to continue our work to meet the needs of our members and look to the future to identify areas to improve our service.

Woodbury County REC History

Since 1938, Woodbury County Rural Electric Cooperative has been powering the farms, homes, and businesses in rural Woodbury County in...

The 7 Cooperative Principles

Woodbury County REC operates with 7 Cooperative Principles. Find out what these principles are.

Woodbury County REC Board of Directors

Woodbury County REC is governed by 7 directors elected by the membership.

Employees & Leadership

See the names of all the Woodbury County REC employees that proudly serve our membership.


Woodbury County REC delivers reliable service to it's members. What does this mean to you?