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Energy Efficiency Tips

Electric usage is a very individual thing. There are many factors that go into each person’s electric usage. Comparing electric bills is like comparing grocery bills, everyone eats but they don’t eat the same thing. Lifestyle differences can play a part in why your electric bill is different than your neighbors.

Below, are a list of energy conservation tips and a way for you to test your knowledge of energy usage by playing the Touchstone Energy Home Adventure Game:


Insulate your attic to a minimum of R-50. The “R” value of insulation is the measure of its efficiency at stopping heat loss from your home. The higher the “R” value the better the insulating factor of the insulation.


Six inches of fiberglass insulation has the same insulating value as 15 inches of wood and seven feet of masonry.


A clean furnace filter will reduce your heating cost in the winter and your cooling cost in the summer.


The threshold at the bottom of your doors should be kept in good condition to keep winter drafts out.


Use inexpensive outlet and switch plate cover caskets to keep out winters cold.


Heating and cooling ducts that run through an unheated space need to be insulated.


Keep lamps, reflectors and diffusers clean. A dirty light reduces effective light output as much as 50 per cent.


A 50-watt reflector floodlight will provide the same results as a standard 100-watt bulb and cost half as much in power use.


Use one large lamp bulb instead of several smaller ones where high intensity light is required.


A clean and well maintained electric motor will last longer and run more efficiently. Inspect your electric motors on a regular basis. A one-horse power electric motor will use one kilowatt hour of electricity for every hour it is running.


Compact fluorescent light bulbs use 75% less energy and last 10 times longer than standard light bulbs.

Play the Home Energy Adventure Game

Play the informative and fun Home Energy Adventure Game, brought to you by Touchstone Energy Cooperatives!

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