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Established Property

New Owner of Property with Existing Service or New Renter

 Welcome to Woodbury County REC! To obtain service at the property that has, previously, been served by us, you will be required to do the following:

  • Fill out a membership application.
  • Pay a deposit or provide us a good credit reference from your last electric utility.
  • Provide us with the date the billing goes into your name so that the REC can read the meter on that date. 

To put the electric service in your name, you need to notify the office, 712-873-3125 or 1-800-469-3125.  You will need to know the service address or whose name the electricity is currently in.

New Construction

If you are planning on building or doing any construction which will require electricity in the Woodbury County REC service area, please call us at 1-800-469-3125 or 712-873-3125. You will need to talk to the Director of Operations and Engineering to set up where the service will be brought into your property, where the transformer will be placed and the meter. Also you will need to talk to the front office to fill out a membership application, pay a deposit or provide us with a good credit reference from your present utility company.


If you are interested in assuring no interruption of service during the interim period between tenants, we would need you to sign a Two-Party Notice. The Two-Party Notice would give us permission to put the account in the Landlord's name if the renter said they were done with the service and wanted it disconnected and we hadn’t heard from the Landlord or any new renters.  Also, before the service was disconnected for non-pay we would attempt to contact the Landlord if you have signed a Two-Party Notice.

Down load the two-party notice, complete and mail or drop off the completed form to our office; OR

Complete and submit this Two-Party Notice form, online, to Woodbury County REC:

Enter meter/account location street address
Check box to agree to statement
Check box to agree to statement
Check box to agree to statement
Please type your full name, as listed on the account, to authorize and submit this Two-Party Notification to Woodbury County REC.
Enter the best phone number Landlord may be contacted.
Enter date of Two-Party Notice Submission