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The load management “Switch Makes Cents” program has been available to Woodbury County REC members since 1985. In that time, one-third of the REC’s members have joined the program and are saving hundreds of dollars each year on their heating, cooling and water heating cost.

Not only are those members saving money, those who installed new heating, cooling and water heating equipment were offered rebates to help pay for their new equipment. If you would be interested in saving hundreds of dollars each year on your energy bill, give Woodbury County REC a call to find out the details of the “Switch Makes Cents” program.

Discount Rates Available

A discount, of either 3.1 cents or 3.4 cents per kilowatt hour, is available for the kilowatt hours you would use for electric heating, cooling and water heating. That is a significant savings on the energy cost for those items when compared to the regular rate.

Heating With Propane

Take the price fluctuations out of your heating season, choose electricity as your clean reliable energy choice. Check out an electric heat pump.

Thinking you might want to get on the Switch Makes Cents Program ?

The following are the minimum qualification that any Woodbury County REC member, wishing to join the program must meet.

  • A minimum of 80 gallons of electric water heating capacity.
  • The electric water heater(s) must be under load management control.
  • If have central air-conditioning, it must be under load management control.
  • The load management receiver and discount rate meter must be mounted on the outside of the building. Not in the basement!
  • Customer must sign a load management agreement.

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